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Sustaining Members
The Sustaining Members finance the Institute's activities, through annual dues that are the same for all the member businesses, firms and associations, from Italy and abroad. They participate in the Institute's activities not only by contributing ideas in the various scheduled programs, but by financing specific events on themes of particularly relevant strategic interest. Membership follows approval by the Executive Committee, and Sustaining Members are represented on the General Council by their Chairmen, Managing Directors or Directors General.

Ordinary Members
The Ordinary Members are Italian and international figures from the worlds of academia, politics, culture and the media. They are invited by the Executive Committee to join the Association in recognition of their high academic standing or professional qualities. They offer, free of charge, their knowledge and expertise to the Institute, thereby furthering its intellectual ideals, and contributing to its diverse programs. Among other things, Ordinary Members participate in working groups and task forces set up by Aspen Italia to deal with specific problems on the international political and economic scene.