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Friends of Aspen

The Friends of Aspen group was established in 1994 as a way of involving within the Aspen community representatives (Presidents, Managing Directors and Directors General) from small and medium enterprises with no more than 150 million euro in turnover, industry associations, and regional and local government.

The idea came from Aspen America’s equivalent Society of Fellows group, founded in 1964. In the US, the group’s focus was initially that of reconciling a humanistic outlook with the challenges posed by scientific advances, but since then has gone on to concentrate efforts on understanding new developments and preparing leaders to respond to them in an informed manner.

The Italian group follows the same approach, with the aim of creating opportunities for debate and providing tools for analyzing far-reaching issues, such as internationalization and shaping leadership, corporate culture, and responsibility for and the social impact of business activities.

Beatrice Trussardi has been President of the group since 2009.

Members of the Friends of Aspen enjoy access to a specific program of dedicated initiatives, which often they themselves have suggested. To that end, in April 2014 an Advisory Board was established comprising 4 representatives drawn from members of the group every two years on a rotating basis. Their remit is to facilitate the free exchange of ideas, stimulate debate, and ensure that topical issues are addressed to prepare the group to face the future, based on the input of all members.

In addition to the activities organized specifically for them, Friends of Aspen members are also entitled to take part every year in 4 national or international events held by the Institute.

Firms are increasingly forging links with the Friends of Aspen group, endorsing its goals and objectives, with the total number of members ranging between 70 and 75.