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Aspen Junior Fellows

The Aspen Junior Fellows are an international network of young and potential future leaders. Set up in 2002, to lend strength and continuity to a project launched in 1999 – Aspen for a New Leadership – the group now counts 80 members, from Italy and abroad. The Aspen Junior Fellows work in many different sectors including business, academia, research, local government, media and the arts.

A Junior Fellow must be nominated by an Institute Board Member to join the group: Aspen Junior Fellows must be between 25 and 33 years of age and meet certain other requirements. Membership lasts five years at most and must be forfeited once a member has turned 35.

Lucio Stanca is Chairman of the Aspen Junior Fellows; Francesco Leopardi Dittaiuti is the Senior Advisor for the group’s activities.

Membership is strictly personal and provides the opportunity to participate in a certain number of events organized by the Institute, such as:

The Aspen Junior Fellows offer their ideas and initiatives to the benefit of the Institute's programs, with the aim of creating a better informed and more responsible European leadership. The group takes a practical approach to key issues and values in today's society, in an effort to promote dialogue among figures from diverse backgrounds and with diverse expertise, leading, in the end, to an enrichment of all involved. Particular attention is paid to such topics as ethics, the value of talent and meritocracy in Italy, opportunities for new leaders, development models that take into account both competition and solidarity, globalization issues and local interests.

In particular, the AJF program has the following characteristics:

• a strong international orientation – the network among young and talented figures from many different sectors and countries has been constructed to help new leaders meet the global challenges they face today. Their decisions depend on skills, objectives, resources, strategies and methods. An essential resource in this area is the Aspen international network, as each Institute has its own initiatives for young leaders.

• continuity in its initiatives over the long term – the Aspen Junior Fellows represent one of the Institute's most solid ventures for an enlightened leadership in Italy.

The Aspen Junior Fellows can also contribute articles to Aspenia, the Institute's journal on international affairs, and take part in task forces or specific projects created for other Aspen events.

In 2010, another group was formed, of Former Aspen Junior Fellows. Made up of leaders who have participated in the AJF program, the “Formers” maintain contact with the Aspen community, thereby furthering the values and upholding the spirit of the group.

The list of members and other information is available in the Members' Section of our website.