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Aspen Junior Fellows Alumni

To add value to the initiative that brought young leaders together as Aspen Junior Fellows, and to maintain contact with those young leaders as they grow out of the AJF, a new group has been formed: Aspen Junior Fellows Alumni.

Currently with more than 100 members, the “Formers” hail from different backgrounds and countries, and operate in such diverse sectors as business, academia, public administration, politics, media, art and culture.

Lucio Stanca is Chairman of the Aspen Junior Fellows; Francesco Leopardi Dittaiuti is the Senior Advisor for the group’s activities.

Membership is strictly personal and provides the opportunity to participate in a certain number of events organized by the Institute, such as:

  • national and international conferences and roundtables;
  • Aspen Seminars on Values and Society (inspired by the successful Aspen USA program, these seminars are open to Italian and foreign leaders of different ages and from diverse backgrounds).

Members must be invited by the Institute to join, and can remain part of the group up to the age of 45.