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Aspen Transatlantic Dialogue

Another important linchpin in the institute’s international activity – and, indeed, a tribute to its origins – is the Aspen Transatlantic Dialogue program. Since the 1990s, the United States and Europe have been engaged in redefining their visions of global policy and of the burden that they are prepared to share in addressing problems and crises. The first conference in this series was held in Rome in 2000 to debate such salient issues as the structure of government in the global political system and the USA’s relations with its allies. What emerged was that ties between the United States and Europe were fated to undergo historic change, with a wealth of unknowns and new prospects lying ahead. In the wake of the terrorist attacks in 2001, Aspen’s transatlantic encounters turned into a yearly opportunity to focus on ties between the two shores of the Atlantic, which are increasingly in the forefront of international relations, particularly from an economic standpoint.