Shifting peoples, populism and politics

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A 1891 Canadian electoral poster

Politica e contestazione dei vecchi modelli, tra blocchi sociali e territori

I divari territoriali e le diseguaglianze spaziali sono tornati protagonisti del dibattito globale, tanto da assurgere – nei discorsi e nelle rappresentazioni di politici e media – a fattore strutturante del campo politico...

Two Americas and the lost center

All my life, I’ve been considered very liberal (that means basically “left,” in American usage)...

Social democracy facing the challenge of populism

After Germany and France, the Italian elections and the new government’s first steps confirm that the rise of populism in Europe affects all countries. At the same time, in these founding member states of the European Union, social democracy weakens dramatically when it does not collapse. Populism is also a major driving force behind the Brexit vote and the Catalan crisis...