Ivo Ilic Gabara

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Ivo Ilic Gabara

Ivo Ilic Gabara is CEO of Gabara Strategies Ltd, a London-based political affairs consultancy.

Twitter: @igabara

This author wrote:

London: bigger than Brexit

Despite widespread fears about the impact of Brexit, London does not appear to be suffering overly much. The City remains the financial capital of the world thanks to the “four Ls”: language, longitude, law and liquidity. London’s critical mass and the presence of any number of European businesses keeps it strong: indeed, it is using its influence to advantage in Brussels...

A diminished UK leaving a diminished EU

More than a year since the ‘In or Out’ referendum on the EU in the United Kingdom, the ‘fog of Brexit’ has still not settled and no one has a clear plan, least of all the British Government. Far from being fully engaged in negotiations in Brussels, the UK is still negotiating with itself...