Climate in Paris

Cambiamenti climatici: previsioni, informazione e politica

I governi di più di 190 nazioni riuniti alla conferenza di Parigi sul clima dal 30 novembre all’11 dicembre guardano al decennio successivo al 2020, quando si esauriranno gli impegni attuali in materia di emissioni...

Taking a closer look at the Russian enigma
Moscow, Russia (BlendImages RF/AGF)

Moscow, Russia

How a new leadership could emerge in Russia

The Russian opposition is a disoriented, closely-knit community of activists and leaders, many of whom have discredited themselves in recent years. The opposition has indeed failed to offer a cohesive...


Can Europe solve the Russian enigma?

“I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest. It cannot be in accordance with...


Peacemaker or peace-breaker: Russia’s emerging role in Syria

A wave of nightmarish terrorism starting with the downing of a chartered Russian plane in Sinai followed by the devastating bombings in Beirut and most recently the shocking attacks...


The sticking points between Russia, Ukraine and the West

A horrific series of attacks by ISIS in Paris, Beirut and over the Sinai in recent weeks have turned the world’s attention toward Syria – once again. Yet even as US Secretary of State John Kerry...

Divided Europe, amid shared challenges
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Europe, East and West: Is there a Central European anomaly?

In May 2014, the European Union celebrated 10 years since its Eastern enlargement: between 2004 and 2007 twelve more countries from...


Movements for local autonomy: from fringe to center stage

The rise of localism, or the excessive devotion to and promotion of the interests of a particular region, is certainly a global phenomenon. While globalization has fostered processes of cross...


Realtà, miti ed errori nella vicenda dell’euro

Poche volte in passato l'Europa si è accapigliata con passione attorno a una questione economica come quest'anno: di solito ci si divide su grandi questioni di principio...

British proposals for Europe

Considerazioni sulla lettera di Cameron a Tusk

La lettera inviata dal Premier inglese al Presidente del Consiglio europeo è stata accolta e poi archiviata dalla cronaca con troppa facilità, perché presenta contenuti importanti...