Greece on the edge
Athens, Greece (Xinhua/Photoshot/AGF)

Athens, Greece

Greece: chronicle of an impasse foretold

SYRIZA, the Greek Coalition of the Radical Left, was elected five months ago on the promise of “hope”. Its “Thessaloniki Program” started with the goal of writing off “the greater part of the Greek...

Understanding migration: policy for people on the move
Planetary Visions Ltd

Planetary Visions Ltd

La realtà demografica e politica dietro l’emergenza immigrazione

L’annunciata “crisi immigrazione” ha rotto l’argine, più simbolico che concreto, di Lampedusa ed è arrivata nelle città italiane del centro e del nord. A questo punto il tema si è imposto all’attenzione generale...


Lessons for a migration crisis: an American perspective

Tens of thousands of people crossing over a porous border, triggering calls to harden the frontier, and mobilizing a militarized response to turn back the would-be migrants...


Time to stop the exodus of Europe’s best and brightest

An inward-looking, innovation-averse Europe is hardly an attractive place for those visionary minds that are eager to disrupt and refashion the socio-economic system for good...

Europe and the latest terrorist attacks

EU counterterrorism efforts and the role of High Representative Mogherini

As EU leaders at the European Council were discussing the implementation of measures countering the emergence of violent extremism, ferocious terrorist attacks took place......

The Supreme Court and changing politics in the US
Washington, DC (Age Fotostock/AGF)

Washington, DC

La sentenza sui matrimoni omosessuali: una svolta sociale e politica

Negli Stati Uniti le battaglie per i diritti civili passano anche per le aule dei tribunali. E spesso giungono in quella più alta e importante – la Corte suprema. Così è capitato anche al matrimonio...


US infrastructure: forward-thinking or just surviving another day?

A day after a train crash killed eight people in Pennsylvania in mid-May, the US House of Representatives, displaying at best extremely poor timing, voted to cut funding for Amtrak...