Riccardo Liberatore

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Riccardo Liberatore

Riccardo Liberatore is a doctoral candidate in Global and Imperial history at Oxford University. His thesis looks at emigration flows in the Mediterranean and the development of migration controls in the modern period. He is currently taking part in a project on the Global History of Capitalism at Brasenose College, Oxford. He has written on politics and geopolitics for FDI Magazine (Financial Times) and East magazine.

This author wrote:

Migrazioni, globalizzazione e Mediterraneo: verso un obiettivo di sostenibilità

Una delle più note conseguenze delle “Primavere Arabe” è stata quella di riaprire le porte dell’Europa ai flussi migratori provenienti dall’Africa sub-sahariana...

From the Sahara to the Mediterranean: Algeria and the migrant crisis

Algeria geographically connects the Sahel and Europe through the Mediterranean basin and over the last few years it has become one of several pathways for migrants and refugees...